CamTon Transport LLC, established in 2019 is a non-emergency medical transportation provider in Birmingham, AL serving people with transportation barriers that need rides to medical appointments.

The lack of personal and reliable transportation to medical appointments affects 3.4 million people in the United States and causes them to miss or delay routine and necessary medical care.

We offer the local solution to a national problem! By providing safe, reliable and friendly transportation to medical appointments to help our community maintain and improve their health. We also encourage living a healthy lifestyle, educate our community on how to get healthy and provide information on how to remain healthy beyond medical appointments! Additionally, CamTon Transport provides personal/non-medical transportation such as rides to work, non-medical appointments and grocery stores!

CamTon Transport's services are available to people who live in Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas. All passengers must be at least 19 years old.

The owner - Shari N. Seawright - has over 10 years of experience working in various roles within the non-emergency medical transportation industry. Her experience includes: scheduling transportation, maintaining and performing quality assurance of subcontractors, auditing providers, driver compliance and working with state agencies. Ms. Seawright has the understanding, experience and training to bring her vision for CamTon Transport to light now and in the future.

It is her goal and personal mission to provide safe, reliable and friendly transportation to those who need it most in the Birmingham, AL area and will eventually expand to other cities and states. The goal is to make sure that the most vulnerable people in each community have access to healthcare which can lead to longevity and good quality of life.